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Legion released….

An excellent expansion so far, buy, update, log in and enjoy the new content, as it looks, fully worth it.

Good hunting, see you in game; detailed info on the forums!

A happy new Year 2016

Ladies, Gentlemen,
all the best to the DoJ, to a good, successful and safe near Year 2016.
Hopefully we see another good year for the guild, with a new expansion, movie and much more.

Take care, party well, not too hard, stay safe, enjoy the last day of 2015 and for you, family, friends and gaming colleagues all the best from here, ein frohes, neues Jahr :)

Happy Thanksgiving

To all friends and guildmates that celebrate it, enjoy the day, have fun, stay sane and safe! :)

Don’t eat too much, not too many sweets, and see you around in game.

Merry Christmas DoJ

I wish you all the best, party well and hard, have fun and enjoy the holidays.

Happy new Year 2014!

To all of you, a happy new Year, all the best, take care, stay safe and to another fun year in WoW and the Defenders of Justice!

Merry Christmas DoJ

BlizzCon 2013

Check out the forums for a full range of infos from BlizzCon.
See D3, WoW, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and more being addressed, cool deal with LOTS of information

WoW Movie release date

World of Warcraft

We’re pleased to announce that @Legendary Pictures’ WARCRAFT will be released by @UniversalPics on December 18, 2015.

5.4 Trailer is live

Check out our video forum, it has the link to the 5.4 Siege of Ogrimmar trailer, it is cool!!!

Might be one of the best ever, check it out….


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