How to Join?

On the right side, follow the link to the DoJ forums, then look at the forum, 2nd one from the top, Newcomer forum.

There, you find a lot of good info about us, plus an application form. Fill it out, and we get back to you.

In case of questions, or you want direct access to a DoJ officer, look for Tanir/Rinat, Pelargonia, Velmer, Shotzi, Kyatria, Tandowitz or Pradlin. Those are people who can help on the application, or answer some immediate questions, should this be necessary.

In SWTOR, please look for Sofandi, Purr, Rinat and Obi,Tan,Do; those people again can answer questions and help you join the guild.

Make sure to check out the site, our CoC and that both ends fit, pure numbers are easy, we look for good, long term members for the guild. Gear does not matter, we train, we work with the team, a loyal, good player is what we aim for, the rest can be achieved as a guild.


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