About the DoJ

This is the site of the Defenders of Justice.

A friendly guild in WoW, on the Lightbringer server and in SWTOR on The Harbinger.

The history of this guild goes back 13 years now (we have some birthday party pics on our gallery, where a GM came and added some fun; THX Blizzard), when a band of adventurers started out exploring the world of AC (made by Turbine), on Thistledown. 5 years later, when AC was dominated by greed, macroes and the old experience and feel was lost, some of us migrated to WoW (shortly after the game was launched), formed the DoJ (the old and full name was taken) and since then, we keep the old school spirit alive; our home being Lightbringer.

In the meantime, even this has changed. With the release of SWTOR, some of us moved to a different world, into a different Galaxy and formed the DoJ on The Harbinger. The guild there has the same spirit, the same idea, even when mechanics are slightly different and it will not impact any WoW feeling or play, it is a possibility now for old and young, for those who know us, or want to get to know us, to join the guild, as we span two game universes.

The old school spirit of the DoJ means that people are nice, fair, helpful and friendly. This also means, in the DoJ you will find no thieves, no morons and our aim is to keep a loyal, active, respectful and reliable player base.

Join us if you like, numbers are easy to achieve, what we want are good players, they are always welcome!


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