Merry Christmas DoJ

I wish you all the best, party well and hard, have fun and enjoy the holidays.

WoW Birthday coming

The event has started, but the birthday is in a few days. Well done all, glad we have such a cool guild, good people and that Blizzard does not plan to give up anytime soon, go go go…

Patch day next Tuesday

You need wait no longer — World of Warcraft patch 6.0.2, the pre-expansion patch for Warlords of Draenor, has been officially announced for next week. The upcoming patch features a host of systems changes – talent and abilities changes, the item squish, the removal of justice and valor points, the end of PvP Season 15, as well as a new world event involving the Iron Horde invasion and a new level 90 version of Blackrock Spire.

Blizzard cancels Titan

Well, it’s official – Blizzard has stopped all work on their mystery next-gen MMO Titan. The never announced project is as dead as Starcraft Ghost. In the interview with Polygon Mike Morhaime says that Blizzard ‘didn’t find the fun’ and that they attempted something very ambitious only for it to never really come together. Chris Metzen states that the decision to pull back was ‘excruciating’ -

“We were trying to do the right thing and build the right, smart product, and keep it all moving,” Metzen said. “The opportunity to get that perspective and dust off a little bit, scraped knees and all, stand back up and reevaluate as a team, as leaders, as a culture – it was a big blessing.”

We reported last year when Titan went back to the drawing board – seems like it may have been a victim of Blizzard’s desire to really only focus on the one MMO. When asked about supporting World of Warcraft, Metzen said “My hope personally is that we’ll support it forever.” Alas, Titan, we never knew ye.

WoD Cinematic released

Ladies, Gentlemen, it is done,

the new trailer for the expansion is out, go check it out, link is on the forum.
Followed by the recording of the interview with Tom Chilton on the expansion and the latest news.

The release date is the 13th of Nov 2014, order now, go and get it, it is worth it :)

Check out the forums for details, names, and other info. Join up if you like, we can make a small beta guild and explore or test together. I will keep the info flowing, as I have time or find them, stay tuned, see you in game or in WoD :)

Patch 5.4.8

Ladies, Gentlemen,

it looks like patch 5.4.8 is being dropped today!
Patch notes are out, they are on the forum, as usual. It is maintenance day today, so this looks like heavy prep work for WoD and the last final installments of changes required.

Here is the short and sweet part, the full notes are on the forum:
While the latest patch is a small one, it contains some pretty important updates to the gear upgrade system, and valor point acquisition. In addition, a few changes have been made to the Siege of Orgrimmar on Raid Finder difficulty.

  • Mistweaver Ai on the Timeless Isle now sells the Deeds of Valor token for 3000 Timeless Coins. Using the token will grant the player 100 valor points, up to the 1000 valor weekly limit.
  • Heirloom weapons awarded by Garrosh Hellscream have been increased by 8 item levels.
  • All upgradeable epic quality items from patch 5.4 are now eligible to be upgraded an additional two times with valor.
  • It appears that two of the datamined items, Heart of the Valorous and Gaze of the Black Prince, will not actually be introduced with this patch, according to a tweet by Rygarius.

    Happy new Year 2014!

    To all of you, a happy new Year, all the best, take care, stay safe and to another fun year in WoW and the Defenders of Justice!

    Merry Christmas DoJ

    BlizzCon 2013

    Check out the forums for a full range of infos from BlizzCon.
    See D3, WoW, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and more being addressed, cool deal with LOTS of information


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